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American Sanctuary Association (ASA)

Founded in 1998, the American Sanctuary Association (ASA) has two primary programs.  First, it is an accrediting organization that requires member animal sanctuaries to comply with a variety of high quality animal care standards and housing requirements.  Besides a detailed application process, in which we review organizational qualifications such as financial stability, fundraising procedures, board oversight, permits and licenses, organizational bylaws, educational materials and veterinary references, we also visit all animal sanctuaries to assure that their facilities and animal care merit our endorsement.  In addition, ASA member sanctuaries are not allowed to breed, sell or trade animals, or use them for commercial purposes.   

Second, ASA actively works every single day to find sanctuary placement for a multitude of homeless, abandoned, seized and abused exotic animals, non-releasable native wild animals, farmed animals and companion animals.  Whenever national animal protection organizations, state and local rescue groups, individual activists, SPCA’s, animal control agencies, and state wildlife departments, need help with difficult to place animals, they often turn to ASA.  And we have also placed a large number of primates formerly used in testing and research.

That’s our job--saving animals from death or further abuse, and certifying quality animal sanctuaries so the public will know which ones are truly worthy of support.

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