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pigAccreditation affirms that you have joined a network of caring sanctuaries working together to rescue homeless animals and to save animals from suffering and abuse.

ASA's application and review process, and site visits, assure that  sanctuaries and animal placement facilities are truly humane  institutions--certified by ASA to meet the highest standards of  animal care. 

ASA accredited sanctuaries receive a certificate  suitable for public display. 

Animal rescue and placement is a priority with ASA.  We have placed hundreds of homeless animals in sanctuaries.  You can count on ASA's help when you need assistance  with hard to place animals. 

When funds are available, the ASA Animal Rescue Fund  will help with the costs of transportation, food and veterinary  medical expenses for animals needing sanctuary placement. 

ASA provides members with guidance on fundraising,  development and 

Newsletters and other ASA publications will promote  your sanctuary and spotlight rescued animals.

ASA's Internet Discussion List helps member sanctuaries explore fundraising and administrative challenges, share housing and care knowledge, and alert others about current rescue cases.

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