Sanctuary Volunteers

Many of our animal sanctuary members depend on volunteers to help care for the animals (feeding, cleaning, etc.). This is especially true in the summer when many sanctuaries undertake renovation projects. Volunteers with construction skills are particularly helpful.

If you are interested in volunteering, for safety and insurance reasons you generally need to be 18 years or older. Also know that you will not be permitted to personally handle any wild animals (animals used in farming, horses, potbellied pigs, dogs and domestic cats are usually OK, along with some exotic birds).

Feel free to email or call any of the sanctuary members listed in our directory. They will need to know when you are available to volunteer and what skills you have and/ or experience caring for animals. There are usually a large variety of jobs that are needed so don't feel that you need any specialized skills.

Some sanctuaries have on-site temporary housing for volunteers. Some do not. Some also provide food while others do not. You will need to inquire if these items are important to you. Also know that because a lot of time is involved in training volunteers to become productive, the longer you can volunteer the better.   If you want to know what species of animal the sanctuary houses, you can go to their web site and look.

If you have any other questions contact ASA at


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